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Franke Coffee Systems, fully automatic coffee machine Franke A800 with black background, café and deserts, bakery environment

Modular coffee solutions

Find the perfect configuration to your coffee needs.

Modular coffee machines

Our modular coffee machines can be configured individually to produce the beverages you desire.

A400 Fresh Brew

The small but mighty hot coffee machine

Whatever business you're in, serve your guests or your team the freshest hot coffee beverages, from bean-to-cup, with our A400 Fresh Brew commercial coffee machine.

Franke Coffee Systems fully automatic coffee machine A400 Fresh Brew


Innovation meets taste

Put your customers and your staff in total control with our fully automatic commercial Franke A600 coffee machine.


A800 Fresh Brew

More taste, less waste

Our freshest bean-to-cup solution. The Franke A800 Fresh Brew features brew-on-demand technology and gram-throw flexibility to ensure that your customers always get that perfect cup of coffee exactly when they want it.

Franke Coffee Systems fully automatic coffee machine A800 Fresh Brew

A1000 Flex

The ultimate customization

Designed to provide your business and your customers with complete flexibility, our Franke A1000 Flex is ready to serve your favorite espresso-based beverage or freshly brewed ground coffee, all in one system.

Franke Coffee Systems fully automatic coffee machine A1000 Flex


Indulgence with every cup

Give your customers a moment of luxury with our pioneering Franke A1000 coffee machine. Fully automatic for your convenience.

Franke Coffee Systems fully automatic coffee machine A1000


Inspire coffee creativity

Our semi-automatic Franke S700 coffee machine is perfect for your baristas to wow your customers and create a unique brand experience.


Supported add-ons and options

Tailor your machine to your specific needs with our built-in options or expand your commercial coffee machine configurations with our add-on solutions.


Let’s grow your business

Send us your questions and queries and together we can scale your business.

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