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Craft the coffee your customers crave with delectable milk and foam solutions

Foam Solutions

A perfect cup of coffee is all in the details. With innovative technologies such as FoamMaster™ and IndividualMilk, you can treat your customers to the luxuries they deserve and the customizations they desire, down to minute detail. From silky milk and frothy foam to a variety of milk options within a single machine, with Franke, you ensure satisfaction at the highest level.

Serve coffee specialties just like a barista

Whether stirred in or sipped from the top, every cup can be savored in the smooth mouthfeel of your perfectly prepared milk foam. Our unique and proven FoamMaster™ technology is designed to allow the creamy texture of silky foam to subtly blend with the rich aromas of the freshly brewed coffee. Available on a range of our fully automatic machines.

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Cater to a variety of preferences with integrated customizations

With the unique ability to pre-set a custom foam profile for each beverage and milk selection, your customers can enjoy barista-style coffee at the touch of a button. Whether they choose hot coffee or cold, milk or a milk alternative, light foam or more, every cup can be consistently executed to suit their preferences with FoamMaster™ technology.

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Safely offer multiple milk varieties in one machine

With the new IndividualMilk Technology integrated in our SB1200, you’re offering your customers more than just their choice of milk. You’re giving them a guarantee. Whichever milk they choose, it's prepared completely separate from the other milk in the machine – from storage to spout.

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Maximize choice and save on space

Franke IndividualMilk Technology increases the variety of beverages you can offer while letting you tap into the current and growing trends toward lactose-free milk and vegan nutrition. The SB1200 enables an unparalleled selection of delicious coffee specialties from a single, compact machine. Get on board with this unique innovation, boost your customers’ satisfaction, win their trust and increase your profits.

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