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We take responsibility and reconcile economic action with environmental and social interests for the generations of tomorrow.

Our ambition – net zero by 2040

We have clear goals that support our ambition to create a sustainable world for our customers, employees and society – for both today and tomorrow. Our vision at Franke is to become net CO₂ neutral in production by 2030, and net CO₂ neutral across the entire Franke value chain by 2040.

To accelerate our progress, we have prioritized sustainability as a strategic component that encompasses, supports, and shapes all of the Group’s activities. This broader approach includes the environmental impact outside our direct operations – those generated throughout our products’ lifecycles, such as materials and supply, distribution, product usage, and end of life.

“We are intensifying our efforts within the Franke Group to manage our impact on environmental, social and governance matters. By setting and monitoring targets, we will be able to achieve lasting positive change.”

Patrik Wohlhauser

CEO Franke Group

Key figures


–21.8 % reduction in scope 1 and 2 CO₂ emissions relative to net sales 2021 vs. 2020 for the entire company.

Learning and development

5,767 LinkedIn Learning courses completed by our employees in 2021.

Quality management system

96.4 % of production sites with quality management certification in 2021.

Renewable electricity

40.4 % of our electricity consumption has been produced in a renewable way in 2021.

Our sustainability pillars