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The ultimate customization

A1000 Flex

Franke Coffee Systems fully automatic coffee machine A1000 Flex

Designed to provide your business and your customers with complete flexibility, our Franke A1000 Flex is ready to serve your favorite espresso-based beverage or freshly brewed ground coffee, all in one system. Featuring an intuitive 10.4-inch touch screen with video, a Cold Water Bypass for iced beverages, and a Flavor Station with up to six flavors, the A1000 Flex is a state-of-the-art coffee machine that can always be relied on to delight and impress. 

Key Features

More hoppers for more combinations

The A1000 Flex's preset hoppers for espresso, coffee, and chocolate powder allow for endless hot and cold combinations for wherever your imagination takes you.

Exceptional flavor extraction

Our ground-breaking iQFlow™ technology unleashes more flavor from beans so you can meet individual taste preferences and deliver complete consistency in every cup.

Barista foam quality

Create endless combinations for milk-based or milk alternative drinks with our revolutionary FoamMaster™ technology.

Hassle-free cleaning

The optional CleanMaster system makes cleaning quick and efficient to help minimize your staff's workload – creating more time for your employees to focus on your customers.


Open up a world of taste and flavor

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Let your mood guide your beverage choice; aromatic coffee, creamy cappuccino, chocolatey mocha, and dreamy macchiato all at your fingertips. And with a capacity of 300 cups of espresso-based beverages and freshly-brewed coffee per day, the A1000 Flex is the ultimate choice for your business.

Supported Add-Ons and Options

Tailor your Franke A1000 Flex coffee machine to your specific needs with our built-in options or expand your coffee machine configurations with our add-on solutions.


Looking for more details?

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Cleaning Instructions

Learn how to use our automatic cleaning systems with our helpful video tutorials.


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