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Consistently craft the perfect coffee while getting more flavor out of every roasted bean with iQFlow™ – intelligent coffee extraction technology.

Customize your signature aroma

Engage the senses by designing a signature aroma for your brand – one that your customers can savor when they have it and crave when they don't. With iQFlow™ you're able to personalize multiple flavor profiles which uniquely speak to your brand vision and customers' demands. Once your pre-set tastes have been established, from barista-like specialties to authentic classics, iQFlow™ consistently crafts the perfect coffee experience in real-time.

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Get the most out of every bean

Cutting-edge and fully automatic, Franke iQFlow™ efficiently extracts the full aroma, flavor and body from every roasted coffee bean, revolutionizing the traditional extraction concept. Compared to other systems, this intelligent technology distills more flavor under constant, uniform pressure throughout the extraction time. What does that mean for you? Each roasted bean is used to its fullest potential for every drink on your menu.

Franke Coffee Systems iQFlow, espresso in glass

Proven science, reliable technology

iQFlow™ brewing technology delivers the extraction profiles you design for high in-cup quality in real-time, every time. Compared to other solutions over a four month period, machines with iQFlow™ had minimal variance in taste, flavor and aroma. In other words, you have total control of your coffee offerings from roast to result. Such trust in the performance of your machine means your customers can trust your brand.

Franke Coffee Systems, coffee machine screen close-up with iQFlow

A single roast for every taste

Everyone has their favorite coffee order – some very simple, while others very adventurous. iQFlow™ makes it possible for you to keep pace with your customers' ever-evolving demands for more individualized coffee beverages. With iQFlow™ you can more efficiently maximize the flavor intensity of every cup while simultaneously maximizing every roast – no matter their order.

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