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Delivering exceptional performance and sustainability

Enjoy the best of design and eco-friendly function with our Franke Active Faucets.

Designed to provide you with more than just a faucet, our stunning Franke Active faucets are the next phase in our sustainable home solutions. Featuring the innovative ECO-Cartridge, the Active faucet gives you control over water flow and temperature so you only use what you need.

Uses 50% less water and saves energy too.

The Active Faucet's stepped lever allows you to choose your water flow. One pull opens the lever by 50% to deliver enough water at a suitable temperature to suit most tasks, whether you are filling the kettle or washing dishes. A second pull opens the lever to 100% for when you need the added pressure. Helping you to use less water, reducing costs, and lessening your impact on the environment.



Temperature limiter

Control the amount of hot water you use and save energy with the temperature limiter. A quick turn of the ring nut inside the handle allows you to adjust the temperature to find that perfect heat.

Reduce noise and splashing

Thanks to the Active Faucet's Laminar Aerator, crystal clear water is delivered in a non-splash stream or a more high-powered spray jet for precision cleaning.

Active Faucets in action

Dual spray option

Available for all Active Faucet models, the dual spray design option delivers a powerful stream through its needle spray. Helping you to remove stubborn dirt from dishes, fruit, vegetables, or even the hard-to-reach parts of your sink.


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