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Show what you’re made of!

Shiny or matte, smooth or stone-like, extra-strong or super trendy. Your kitchen can speak volumes about you, so every detail counts. To offer you the chance to create your very own perfect kitchen, our range of materials is designed to please any taste, match any style and resist any kitchen endeavour. Discover the precision-engineered characteristics and unique benefits of each material. Choose the one that you love the most and suits your lifestyle needs.

Stainless Steel

Hygienic, easy to clean and long-lasting, Franke stainless steel consists of 70% recycled material and is up to 100% recyclable.



An exceptionally tough material, highly resistant to burns, dents, chips and stains. Pioneered by Franke, granite is a unique material with a subtle sheen that is warm to the touch thanks to its 80% granite content. Also, Franke granite is treated with Sanitized® reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99% – an important feature for our kitchens, as bacteria can multiply every 20 minutes making the kitchen’s surfaces highly unhygienic.



Fireclay sinks have a smooth, impervious surface, which stands up to heat, staining and impact and are resistant to all standard household chemicals. Fireclay sinks have been a popular choice for years and create a classic combination with a variety of work surfaces such as wood, glass and granite.


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